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    Karimganj District is situated in the southernmost part of the state of Assam in the Northeast India. The three neighbouring districts, namely Karimganj, Cachar and Hailakandi constitute Barak valley named after the river Barak. Karimganj town, the head quarter of the Karimganj District is the second largest town in the Barak Valley. River Kushiara bifurcates from the river Barak and flows out of Karimganj. This river is international border separating Assam and Bangladesh. Total area of the District is 1809 sq. km.

     At present, there are 11(eleven) Courts in the Karimganj District having population of 10,07,976 and literacy rate of 67.21% as per 2001 census, under the judgeship of the District & Sessions Judge, Karimganj. All the Civil Courts including the Court of Addl. District & Sessions Judge(F.T.C.) are housed in the court complex of the District & Sessions Judge.

    The existing courts within the the District & Sessions Judge complex are :-

    1. The Court of the District & Sessions Judge,
    2. The Court of Addl. District & Sessions Judge(F.T.C.),
    3. The Court of Civil Judge Senior Division and Asst. Sessions Judge,
    4. The Court of Civil Judge Junior Division No. 1
    5. The Court of Civil Judge Junior Division No. 2.and
    6. The Court of Civil Judge Junior Division No. 3.

     All the Criminal Courts in the Karimganj District under the establishment of the Chief Judicial Magistrate housed in the Newly constructed CJM Court Building.

              The existing courts within the Chief Judicial Magistrate complex are :-

    1. The Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate,
    2.  The Court of Addl. Chief Judicial Magistrate,
    3.  The Court of Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate,
    4.  The Court of Judicial Magistrate First class I, and
    5.  The Court of Judicial Magistrate First class II

            The District has 3(three) Foreigners’ Tribunals are presently functioning.
    The District Legal Service Authority(D.L.S.A.) chaired by District & Sessions Judge is implementing various schemes adopted by NALSA(National Legal Service Authority) and ASLSA(Assam State Legal Service Authority).
    The Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum is functioning on part time basis, the District & Sessions Judge is ex-officio president of the Forum.
    The Motor Accident Claim Tribunal is functioning under the District & Sessions Judge as Member MACT along with Addl. District & Sessions Judge as another Member MACT.


    Chronologically, comprehensive account of early history of the region is not available. In the middle age, the district was part of Bangla Suba and Silhat(Sylhet) sarkar. British East India Company took over Diwani of Bangla Suba and Sylhet District of which Karimganj was a part, in the year 1765. This region passed on to British East India Company but only in 1786, British could establish their full authority in this region. In the year 1878, sub-division of Karimganj under Sylhet District was created with Karimganj town as its Head quarter.

     The Sylhet District was transferred to East Pakistan when the country was partitioned in the year 1947, barring thana areas of Ratabari, Patherkandi, Badarpur and half of the thana area of Karimganj thana. The entire area became a part of Cachar District of Assam and constituted Karimganj sub-division of Cachar District. This sub-division  was upgraded to a District on 1st July, 1983 vide Govt. Notification No. GAG15/83/1 dated June, 14, 1983 of Govt. of Assam.

     The Karimganj District area is divided among 7(Seven) Police stations, namely Karimganj, Badarpur, Patherkandi, Ramakrishna Nagar, Ratabari, Nilambazar and Bazaricherra police station.


              In order to trace back the history of Karimganj Judiciary, we have to go back to the days immediately after the Great Indian Rebellion, famous as  Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, when two courts, one Civil court and another Criminal court were established at a small village under Karimganj district named “Latu”. The Judicial Courts at Latu continued for about 10 years and in 1886, the courts from Latu were shifted to Karimganj. The creation of Judicial Court at Latu and subsequent shifting to Karimganj town was under the judgeship of the District & Sessions Judge, Sylhet. After partition, a portion of Karimganj sub-division was annexed to Cachar District of Assam. The Civil Court started its functioning in the present place on the bank of river Kushiara and Criminal Court in the S.D.O. building(present D.C. office building). In 1901, construction of pucca court building was completed and the Civil Court started its functioning in the said building. Present Court of Civil Judge (Senior division) is the old memory of the construction of 1901 Court Building.

              Before partition, there was no permanent Sessions Court in the Cachar district. The Sessions Court of Sylhet had its Circuit Court at Silchar and it continued upto partition. After partition, the greater Cachar district went to the judgeship of the District & Sessions Judge, Jorhat and it continued as such for a long period. Only on 07- 09-1955, the District & Sessions Judge of Cachar District took over charge of the Cachar district, which included the present Karimganj and Hailakandi districts.

              The Karimganj sub-division of Cachar district was upgraded to a district on 1st July 1983 and the court of District & Sessions Judge was inaugurated on 10th May 1985. In the same way, the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate was inaugurated on 13th July of 1983 in the Karimganj district. A Fast Track Court presently named as the court of Addl. District & Sessions Judge (F.T.C.) was inaugurated for speedy disposal of sessions cases on 5th June of 2001.